Week 7 – A Glimpse

Glimpse – noun 1. a very brief, passing look, sight, or view. 2. a momentary or slight appearance. 3. a vague idea; inkling. 4. Archaic. a gleam, as of light…[from dictionary.com]

This week I experienced a glimpse of life as my future self. And it happened because of my dog.

My dog Cassie

It is early Monday morning and I am sitting up in bed, doing my morning read for the MKMMA class. My dog Cassie jumps up on the bed and curls up alongside my legs. She waits for a pat on the head and then promptly falls asleep while I continue with my morning routine of readings, affirmations and meditation. I close my eyes to begin my “sit”. Whack! Whack! Whack! My eyes fly open. Cassie’s tail is thumping vigorously against me – she is dreaming and wagging her tail in her dream. My heart soars as I share her joy – she is in a happy place. If a dog can find her happy place with such ease, I know that I can.

As I practice the Law of Substitution this week, when I have a negative thought, I replace it with the thought of a sound-asleep puppy-dog wagging her tail. It brings me joy and pops me right out of the negativity. I see a glimpse of my future self – living a vibrant, joyful and positive life, fulfilling my personal pivotal needs as described in my Definite Major Purpose.

It’s a glimpse – and it’s euphoric!

Week 6 – Emotion is the Battery

You know how sometimes you hear something that’s not new to you, but it’s like you hear it with new ears? Like for the first time, you “get” it? Really get it, deep at the core of your being?

That happened to me this week. Yesterday morning, in fact.

For weeks now, I have read my Definite Major Purpose with emotion.  Emotion is the game changer, the tie-breaker, the spark that ignites the subby into working 24×7 on behalf of my focus. As instructed, I have been reading the exercises that create my future with feeling – morning, noon and night. And yesterday I realized those readings only reflected a tiny bit of the emotion that rises when the object of my focus is reached… yesterday morning at 7:00 am, I felt the real thing. I reached a first milestone on my true health journey and my resulting emotional response was huge. It was like an ocean wave compared to a drop of water.

I am so glad that I had this experience – I now know what it truly feels like and I can spark that intensity now when I do the readings. Woohoo!!!

Week 5 – Baking In

This week has been a series of small steps. I am a foodie and once again drawn to cooking as analogy for this MKMMA process.

Several components of our daily MKMMA activities are starting to coalesce, to come together, to bind. Individual ingredients are no longer layering one upon the other, but are chemically bonding into a new me. The daily readings with ENTHUSIASM, the promises on index cards, the colors and shapes, the statement of our definite major purpose, our future press release, all seemingly separate elements yet this week I had a few “BAM!” moments of synergy. Just like baking, once these activities are blended together and the heat of full-on emotion is applied, the individual ingredients no longer exist – just the wholesome and delicious whole.

Something is baking in the oven – and it smells amazing!

Week 4 – I Can Be What?

“I can be what I will to be.”

These words written by Haanel as “one of the strongest affirmations which you can use…” are a revelation to me, enlightening. I have recognized before that the ‘I’ of me is spirit, and now my mind accepts these words on a deeper level of knowingness. The emotions associated with this knowingness – the joy, the calm, the power, are feeding my cells, creating a new menu of internal experiences from which I choose to partake. With the breath, I bring these emotions to the body. I embody.

“I can be what I will to be.”

This is now my meditation mantra, my “count to 10,” my “happy place.” I promise to make use of this affirmation until it becomes a part of me, until I form the habit. And through this activity, the ‘I’ of me opens my eyes to the world of cause, and creates my world within – and the effects in the world without.

And how amazing it is!

Week 3 – Construction Zone – Watch for Debris

Have you ever been absolutely certain about something you want and discover your heart feels differently?

This week is another revision of our Definite Major Purpose (DMP) statement, focusing on goals and our personal pivotal needs – needs that, when fulfilled, are “oxygen for the soul.” Actually, not just THE soul as in any random soul – oxygen for MY soul (although, if we are all one and there’s only one of us here, hmmmm – no wonder dogs just chase their own tails…)

Last week, I am certain, almost smug, that my pivotal needs are nailed down – true health and liberty.

True health writes itself into my DMP – I believe passionately that food heals. But why is it such a struggle to weave liberty into my DMP?

Liberty in this context means having the financial and other resources to do what I want, when and where I want. For 25 years, I run the hamster wheel every day in search of this illusive liberty. Then I find a better path to liberty, and I love helping others along this path to liberty. I KNOW liberty is mine.

So when I read what I have written in my DMP regarding liberty, why do I feel detached? Where’s the passion, where’s the zest, where’s the zing, where’s the goals related to dollars? The ‘oxygen for MY soul’ piece just isn’t coming through.

So I open the class notes with the intent to re-do the pivotal needs exercise. I find the list and when I glance at Spiritual Growth, tears begin to well up and spill over. Not just any tears. Big, hot, round, toddler tears. Onion tears. Unbidden, uncontrolled, spontaneous. Tears of awakening, acknowledgement, confidence. JOY.

I think the mental construct of my father’s fears around lack of money and my working so hard throughout my career craving financial freedom is cement. The Golden Buddha inside me breathes spiritual growth and true health. Liberty follows.

I BREATHE DEEP and smile as I chip away another layer.

Week 2 – Consciously(?) Creating

Have you ever consciously created painful circumstances for yourself? Of course not, right? Why would you do that?

Hmmm, turns out I have through the use of my conscious mind. I’ve been unconsciously consciously creating, as we all have and as most people always will.

Charles Haanel says of the conscious mind in The Master Key System, “Not only can it impress other minds, but it can direct the subconscious mind. In this way the conscious mind becomes the responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious mind. It is this high function which can completely reverse conditions in your life.”

I remember a long ago relationship that I was convinced would end in betrayal. During the best of times, I still dwelt upon betrayal, I imagined it, I dreamt of it and cried upon awakening after those dreams. And guess what? That relationship ended in betrayal. At the time, I was sure that I had been right, been justified in all those suspicious questions and conversations. Now, I view the world differently. I think the great power of my subconscious mind was harnessed and went to work manifesting my unguarded thoughts that were so heavily charged with emotion.

SO I am most excited now about training my conscious mind so that it is the vigilant protector of my subconscious power generator. I am immersing my subconscious with a steady stream of the good stuff. And the Master Key Master Mind Alliance class is teaching me how to navigate and communicate with this vast ocean of my subconscious, my “subby.” In this hero’s journey, I am learning step by step how to read the stars in the sky, course correct and arrive at the life of my dreams.

It starts with recognizing True North – my purpose in life.

Take the journey with me!